Colorado Hemp Freedom Fest 8/12-8/14 logoColorado Hemp Freedom Fest 8/12-8/14/2016
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It's HIP to know HEMP™


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Many of our speakers are involved with several local charities - we encourage your support for their causes!  Full list coming soon.


CO Hemp Fest 2016 Speakers

Connect with Mackenzie on FacebookMackenzie Dodge, Emcee
Connect with Chuck & Mia on FacebookChuck Fedler & Mia Cara of Dirty Hippies Productions, Ways Hemp is Used - Overview (preview of documentary)
Connect with Tirzo on FacebookTirzo Tec - History of Hemp - multitude of uses
Connect with James on FacebookJames Ketover, Hemp, the Economy and the Environment - Renewable, Sustainable Energy Sources
Connect with Jared Lloyd on FacebookJared Lloyd, Hemp & Natural Fibers
Connect with Kevin and Courtney on FacebookKevin Lyons, Hemp Foods - Processing & Packaging in CO
Connect with Mia on FacebookMia Cara, Hemp Oil Demo - Massage & Nutrition
Doug Watson, Hemp Extraction, Seed to CBDs, Farming to Processing - website
Luke Richards
, Hemp's Therapeutic & Wellness Value - website
Max Powers, History of Hemp ~ Respect and Renewal - website
Connect with Kate on FacebookKate Ramsay, Hemp and the Economy

Doug Watson of CBD Crusade

Speakers' Businesses:
Mackenzie Dodge Solutions ~ Dirty Hippies Productions at Co Hemp Fest ~High Noon Solar~ Anasazi Organics ~ Bar Me LLC -  Raising the Canna Bar ~ CBD Crusade ~ Soil SecretsNatural Order Supply in Grand Junction CO

It's HIP to know HEMP™